HitLeap Review

In recently, it is developing a very effective solution in marketing skills all over the world so that webmasters can easily reach to the goal of their SEO, website promotion. It is a system of traffic exchange that became the best one and especially the exchange run totally automatically.

HitLeap- Increasing traffic for Website

There are a lot of tools that help to increase traffic of website, blogs. And now, I hope to announce and introduce one of the best tool socalled HitLeap which can surf traffic for your website automatically and effectively.

A question is that “how to promote website extensively to numerous people in the community and optimize network for Search engines”. It is the big problem that many Webmasters have to work hard for success.
The Webmasters often based on their experience, study from each other and each webmaster has their own way to do. But in ther final, they use a lot of tricks to optimize the search engine or using professional software All free online (SEO Tools) to support its work.

Hitleap community 

Hitleap is a reputable site, the Unique View rates increased approximately 300/1000 page views when checking with Google Analytics.
The advantage of Hitleap is acceptable traffic for both blogspot and website, so spoiled that SEO bloggers, increasing traffic.
 Percentage share of Hitleap is quite good -> 0.5. That mean for every 100 minutes surfering, the surf was enjoying 50 minutes (not including bonus points) 60 minutes with 240 views (with the set 15s/view).

It is great that the percentage share is not stop at the rate 50%.  Download and surf traffic using the Hitleap Viewer tool so that you will get 20% plus more, you are entitled to a total of 70%.

Register Hitleap

Step 1: Click on http://hitleap.com/ and fill your information for registerring

HitLeap Review

Step 2: Check your email to active your account
Step 3: Add your website or blog into Hitleap
 Click on "My websites" and "Submit website..." as the image below

With free account, you can only add max 3 websites / blogs .

Step 4: Run Surf and enjoy traffic
Click on "Traffic-Exchange" and run Start

Normally when run directly on the web you only get 50%. You should download the Hitleap Viewer tool , you will get 20% plus more, you are entitled to a total of 70% - ie you suff 100 minutes to 70 minutes for your site

 Upgrade to Premium account (just about $ 3-7 / month, you get 100% of the minutes you earn, the more entitled 2000-5000 minutes per month, and more over, the website will surf in difficult Traffic sources that you can choose rather than separate "http://hitleap.com/traffic-exchange." This advantage absolutely helps SEO for Website arrested without Google's fault.

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